Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do we have too much information?

Last month I was preparing for a party at my house. A part of this preparation was cleaning up after my dog so that people could navigate the backyard without feeling like they were tiptoeing through a smelly minefield.

While doing this I picked up a dropping that contained some white, wriggly creatures.

Sorry - I should have mentioned that this post is not suitable to read while eating.

Being the concerned pet owner that I am, I immediately I went running for my smart phone to Google ‘maggots in dog poo’. I feared the worst for my puppy’s digestive tract.

Despite what it may seem, the moral of this post is not to disgust you with the specifics of my dog’s bowel movements.  This post is to point out the fact that not for one second, did I think I could not find the answer to my problem on Google. I never doubted that there were others who had had this issue, and had posted about it on the internet.

I was right not to think twice. Within seconds I had more information than I needed on all kinds of things you can find inside of dog poop, and more importantly, why those things might be in there.

Now I don’t want to leave you hanging – my dog is fine. Turns out it had just been a bit too long between backyard tidy ups and the unwanted white visitors had actually arrived after their new home had left my dog.

It wasn't until my boyfriend was looking over my shoulder while I was doing another google search, and read my search history, that I realised what I had Googled was weird. Really weird.

Where does too much information start, and need-to-know information end? The fact that we can Google literally everything seems like a blessing, but is it really?

Would it have been better to take my dog to the vet than go to Google? Should we ask a doctor about that suspicious looking mole before we Ask Jeeves?

Could I have made it this far in life without knowing what a blue waffle was? Who Tub Girl is? How many cups 2 girls need? The answer is yes, and yet I do know all of these things, thanks (or no thanks?)  to the internet.

The truth is, I spend more time on the internet reading things which result in me acting like this:

than I do doing anything productive, which leads me to wonder if perhaps, just maybe, we have too much information.

On that note, I'd love to know, what is the weirdest thing you have ever found yourself googling? More importantly... did you find your answer? Of course you did. Everything is on the internet. 

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  1. Just had to tell you I was so excited by your picture - Arrested Development references work in all situations! haha, nice play.