Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sexy For Less Than Sixty

I love fashion, but I am also a cheap bastard.

As much as I love stalking fashion blogs I can't really start my own because I refuse to buy designer items. I wish I could justify spending hundreds of dollars on one item of clothing, but like the majority of the population, I cannot.

Therefore I hereby introduce a new segment called SEXY FOR LESS THAN SIXTY. Super cute outfits that you can buy for LESS THAN SIXTY DOLLARS!

I am only going to post outfits that I actually own, or that are very very close to outfits I own, and give reviews where appropriate.

Welcome to the pilot episode - the Summer Casual instalment.

Yumi Poodle Dress $34.00AUD

The grand total? $53.92. BARGAIN!

I own that exact poodle dress and it is VERY cute and if you have a petite build such as myself, extremely flattering. That said the material is very thin and snags easily so be careful!

This is really my new favourite outfit for summertime day dates with Boyfriend. 

Dumplings and Slurpees FTW 

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