Friday, May 17, 2013

Is the ‘Dick Pic’ the new Pick-Up Line’?

Look, I’m not proud to admit this, but for some reason a large percentage of the guys of my generation have decided that in order to bed the lady of their choice; they no longer have to buy her a drink, make flirty conversation or think of a pick-up line that actually works.


These days, guys in their 20s simply take their handy-dandy Smart Phone, snap a quick pic of their genitals, and send it to the women they are hoping to woo.

I was quite the party girl back in the day. I went out – all the time. I was not promiscuous but I was and always will be a friendly girl. I made conversation with a lot of people, including people of the male persuasion. Since I've never been very good at saying ‘no’ (and that’s another post for another day), if any of these people ever asked me for my phone number I would give it to them. Even if I had no intention of ever speaking to them again – and let’s be honest, that was the case 98% of the time.

I actually shudder to think how many random people have my phone number. It would surely be in the triple digits. I should probably really consider changing it…

With my number floating around in so many stranger’s phones, about 2 times a year I will be suckered into a conversation that goes a little something like this.

We pause in this riveting conversation so that this charming gentleman can send me 2 photos of his face and 1 photo of an incredibly large penis, which he claims is his own.
(I'm quite positive his real name is NOT 'Jimmy James' so I felt no need to black that out, but hey, Jimmy, if you read this and you feel your privacy has been breached let me know.) 

As amusing as this was, it's hard not to be a teeny, tiny bit insulted on behalf of all females. Do guys really think this will work? Does this actually work?

Are you a guy who has sent a picture of their penis to a virtual stranger and gotten laid as a result?

Are you a girl who has received a picture and taken up the offer?

If so I NEED to hear from you. I eagerly await your response.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Living with Awkward Turtle Syndrome

I can’t tell if I suffer from Awkward Turtle Syndrome around men, or if men suffer from it around me, but something is seriously wrong with the way I interact with males within the first 30 seconds of seeing them.

I really need your help interwebs. How on earth does a female greet a male of non-romantic interest? What is appropriate?

I’m not a huge fan of physical contact with the general population in the first place, so when it comes to greeting somebody I  instantly get performance anxiety. What do I do? Besides running away crying…

Handshakes seem strictly masculine, which I hate. I can handshake just as well as the next person, but guys always tend to feel weird shaking a girls hand, so whenever I attempt it, I'm left feeling like this guy.

I've always liked the idea of being one of those girls who do the 'double air kiss' greeting. It's so very European. Unfortunately, being the overly enthusiastic person I am, it always (and I mean always) ends up looking like this. Actually this is kind of what it looks like when I say hello to Boyfriend too...

Or, even worse - I make accidental lip contact, which has happened more than once. 

You could of course, go for the hug, but unless you are sure the other person is a hugger, you will probably end up with a scenario similar to this.

So at present, my greeting is what I like to call, The Awkward Turtle Wave.

Unfortunately The Awkward Turtle Wave, while helping me avoid even more awkward scenarios, makes me look like a standoffish biatch.

So please, HALP! interwebs. How do you greet members of the opposite sex without making a total fool of yourself? Is it even possible? I need your advice, before I accidentally head butt someone while attempting to hug it out.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sexy For Less Than Sixty - The One Where I Went To Groovin’

You know what I love the most about music festivals? The fact that for a whole day you can dress like a complete hobo and pass it off as a fashion statement.

This is a fact that I will be forever grateful for because stupid (smart) me spent most (all) of my paycheck on a new wallet from Kate Hill instead of investing in a new festival outfit, and I had to try and make do with what I already owned. Life is tough, I know.

Thank god for Pinterest.

All I had to do was search ‘Festival Outfits’ choose the girl who looked the most glamorously homeless, and match it as closely as I could with things I could find in my floordrobe.

The outfit I chose to emulate:

And this is what I wore:

Pants: $10 from Big W
Shoes: $9.95 from Big W
Black Shirt: $5 from Kmart
Fluro singlet: $12 by Bonds
Sunglasses: Can’t remember but I never spend more than $20 on sunnies. Ever. 
TOTAL COST: Approximately $56.95

Now I can hear what you are thinking ‘ahhh, she buys almost all her clothes from the bargain bin at Big W, now I understand why she always looks like a filthy whore-bag’. TRUE. I do do this, I don’t know why, but I honestly wear the stuff I buy on a whim for $5 more than I wear the stuff I scrimp and save for and put a lot of thought into it. I don’t know why, I just do. The moral of the story is it is better to by 10 items at $5 than 1 item at $50. That’s a free life lesson for you.

But never fear, you don’t have to ruin your mani digging through piles of clothes in your local op-shop for your next festival find, because I scoured the internet and you can buy crap like this from the privacy of your own home!





And since you’ve been SO frugal why not splurge on:


Which is far and away  the best and cheapest beauty product that I have impulse purchased in years.

Total outfit: $50.52

You should still have enough left over from your $60 for a brewski while you dance to Last Dinosaurs like the care-free hippie freak that you are.