Friday, May 10, 2013

Sexy For Less Than Sixty - The One Where I Went To Groovin’

You know what I love the most about music festivals? The fact that for a whole day you can dress like a complete hobo and pass it off as a fashion statement.

This is a fact that I will be forever grateful for because stupid (smart) me spent most (all) of my paycheck on a new wallet from Kate Hill instead of investing in a new festival outfit, and I had to try and make do with what I already owned. Life is tough, I know.

Thank god for Pinterest.

All I had to do was search ‘Festival Outfits’ choose the girl who looked the most glamorously homeless, and match it as closely as I could with things I could find in my floordrobe.

The outfit I chose to emulate:

And this is what I wore:

Pants: $10 from Big W
Shoes: $9.95 from Big W
Black Shirt: $5 from Kmart
Fluro singlet: $12 by Bonds
Sunglasses: Can’t remember but I never spend more than $20 on sunnies. Ever. 
TOTAL COST: Approximately $56.95

Now I can hear what you are thinking ‘ahhh, she buys almost all her clothes from the bargain bin at Big W, now I understand why she always looks like a filthy whore-bag’. TRUE. I do do this, I don’t know why, but I honestly wear the stuff I buy on a whim for $5 more than I wear the stuff I scrimp and save for and put a lot of thought into it. I don’t know why, I just do. The moral of the story is it is better to by 10 items at $5 than 1 item at $50. That’s a free life lesson for you.

But never fear, you don’t have to ruin your mani digging through piles of clothes in your local op-shop for your next festival find, because I scoured the internet and you can buy crap like this from the privacy of your own home!





And since you’ve been SO frugal why not splurge on:


Which is far and away  the best and cheapest beauty product that I have impulse purchased in years.

Total outfit: $50.52

You should still have enough left over from your $60 for a brewski while you dance to Last Dinosaurs like the care-free hippie freak that you are.


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