Friday, May 17, 2013

Is the ‘Dick Pic’ the new Pick-Up Line’?

Look, I’m not proud to admit this, but for some reason a large percentage of the guys of my generation have decided that in order to bed the lady of their choice; they no longer have to buy her a drink, make flirty conversation or think of a pick-up line that actually works.


These days, guys in their 20s simply take their handy-dandy Smart Phone, snap a quick pic of their genitals, and send it to the women they are hoping to woo.

I was quite the party girl back in the day. I went out – all the time. I was not promiscuous but I was and always will be a friendly girl. I made conversation with a lot of people, including people of the male persuasion. Since I've never been very good at saying ‘no’ (and that’s another post for another day), if any of these people ever asked me for my phone number I would give it to them. Even if I had no intention of ever speaking to them again – and let’s be honest, that was the case 98% of the time.

I actually shudder to think how many random people have my phone number. It would surely be in the triple digits. I should probably really consider changing it…

With my number floating around in so many stranger’s phones, about 2 times a year I will be suckered into a conversation that goes a little something like this.

We pause in this riveting conversation so that this charming gentleman can send me 2 photos of his face and 1 photo of an incredibly large penis, which he claims is his own.
(I'm quite positive his real name is NOT 'Jimmy James' so I felt no need to black that out, but hey, Jimmy, if you read this and you feel your privacy has been breached let me know.) 

As amusing as this was, it's hard not to be a teeny, tiny bit insulted on behalf of all females. Do guys really think this will work? Does this actually work?

Are you a guy who has sent a picture of their penis to a virtual stranger and gotten laid as a result?

Are you a girl who has received a picture and taken up the offer?

If so I NEED to hear from you. I eagerly await your response.

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  1. I find those texts to be some what disturbing...please fellas unless i ask for your google searched penis picture please dont send it.