Friday, October 5, 2012

Removing Make-Up IN REVERSE (like a boss)

Today I had a photo shoot where I got some pretty funky make up. Naturally, I decided that if I couldn't go out and enjoy my makeover (because all my friends are boring and/or have lives that don't revolve around me) I would film myself taking it all off, then reverse it.

The photos turned out pretty awesome and I will post a few when I have my hands on them.

Until then enjoy watching me take off my make-up backwards.

Hair and makeup by LOVE HAWKRIDGE

Products used in video:
Nutrimetics HYDRAFINITY REVITALISING TONING MIST [with Orange Flower extract]
Nutrimetics HYDRAFINITY SKIN HYDRATOR [with Vitamin C]
Derma Intensive+ 3 IN 1 FACIAL WIPES [fragrance free]

Song: Fatty Gets A Stylist - Fatty Gets A Stylist (this is not the original version, I sped it up)

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